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5000 Estate Coakley Bay

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Owners Information, Forms and Materials


Guide to Lubricating Coakley Bay Jalousie Windows Without Lubrication Ports (3:47).
From 1:10 to 1:20, it shows spraying of the louver side hinges.

CLICK HERE for Coakley Bay Owners' Insurance Claim Submission Procedures Hurricane Maria Damage

CLICK HERE for note on limits of Insurance coverage for individual units and why a HO-6 policy is needed.

CLICK HERE for the historical transcript of updates from the Post-Hurricane Maria period.


Passwords may be required to read certain documents, and can be obtained from the Coakley Bay office at 340.773.9600


2024-04-17 Meeting Minutes

2024-03-20 Meeting Minutes

2024-02-21 Meeting Minutes

All Minutes



Also see:Additional FORMS for Use By Owners (Rules, Rentals, Issues, etc.)

Owners List (March 1, 2024 Revision)

2023 Replacement Cost Estimate Report (9 Mb)

Certificate of Property Insurance 2023

Approved Property Managers List (March 27, 2024 Revision)

Rules and Regulations (March 14, 2024 Revision)

Renters Rules (November 4, 2020 Revision)

2021 Hurricane Letter to Owners

2021 Disaster Preparedness Plan for Homeowners

2021 Homeowner Info Collection Sheet

Current Schedule of Insurance

Directors Contact List

Emergency Procedures



2023 Budget

2022 Budget

Balance Sheet 11-30-2020

P&L December 2020



2015-2020 Long Term Capital Improvements Plan

2015-2020 Schedule of Maintenance for Buildings and Roofs

Year-End Financials 2011

Annual Meeting Materials - January 2012

Annual Meeting Materials - January 2013 (general)

Annual Meeting Materials - January 2013 (financials)

Annual Meeting Materials - January 2013

Annual Meeting Package 2014

Annual Meeting Package 2015 (with financials)



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