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Water and Water Treatment

Water Saving Tips
Coakley Bay Septic System Guidelines

Coakley Bay has two separate water systems:

1) potable water piped from cisterns below the buildings to such functions as sinks, baths and showers (fresh water)


2) treated wastewater used to flush toilets and water the landscaping (gray water).

Wastewater from sinks, baths and toilets flows into our on-site water treatment plant. Once treated, it is piped back throughout the complex for toilet flushing and irrigation.

The water treatment system cannot handlesuch things as:

chlorine bleach or other harsh cleaners;
paints or solvents;
rags, diapers, sanitary products;
contraceptives; and
cigarette butts.

Chlorine bleach and harsh chemicals kill the microorganisms that purify the water at the treatment plant. The result is discolored, unpleasant smelling water in toilets, not to mention the added cost to unit owners.

The other items listed cannot be broken down.

Nothing other than body waste and toilet paper can be put into the toilets.

Please only use these products, and even with these, please use them accordingly.

Kitchen disposals are NOT recommended for use at Coakley Bay.

Fresh Water Hookup in Use for Toilets. In the event any Unit has one or more toilets hooked up to fresh water, there will be an ongoing $30 assessment per month -- and the Owner is strongly encouraged by the Board, at their own expense, to voluntarily install an approved threshold water meter which will be checked by the Association no less than once per year. The Association will randomly audit for such hookups, and the existence of one attached to a toilet where such a fee is not being paid will result in an assessment of $360 for the past 12 months payable immediately.