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Storage Units



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March 1, 2002 Revision

All storage spaces are a part of the common properties.  They are not individually owned.

Any Owner desiring a Storage Space shall submit a request in writing to the Board of Directors.

Any Owner shall be assigned no more than one Storage Space for each unit owned

At such times as there are no Storage Spaces available for assignment, requests shall be placed on a waiting list which shall be maintained by the Manager.  Requests shall be listed in order of the date received, earliest date first.

When a Storage Space becomes available, the Owner whose name is first on the list shall be assigned that Space.

In the event that more than one space is available, selection will be at the choice of the Owner.

Should the Owner decline that space, it shall be offered to the next listed Owner.  The name of the declining Owner shall remain at the top of the list.

In the instance of the sale of a Condominium Unit to which a Storage Space is assigned:

To prevent unauthorized use, the association reserves the right to place a lock on the cage at such time as the Unit is placed on the market.  The key to this lock will be available to the Owner.

The cage must be vacated at the time of sale.  The Manager shall have the cage cleared of any remaining items no later than 30 days following the date of the sale.



Cardboard boxes and other non-waterproof items must be placed on shelves.

Under no conditions may gasoline or other hazardous materials be stored.  (In this instance, properly sealed paint containers are not considered dangerous.)

Spaces are to be kept neat and clean.  The association reserves the right to rescind the assignment in the case of any Owner who has allowed a space to become a “junk bin”.

The Owner will charge a fee of $15.00 per month for each assigned Space, such charge to begin with the first monthly statement following acceptance of the Storage Space.

Each Owner shall sign a usage agreement prior to the assignment of a Storage Space.


Storage lockers are rented only to CB owners (for $15 monthly)

Call the office to check on availability