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Welcome to Coakley Bay



Welcome to the Website and Resource Directory for the 100 condominiums at Coakley Bay, on the famous East End of St. Croix, outside of Christiansted. Naturally we’re biased, but we think this is just about the best place to live or visit on St. Croix -- and maybe in the whole Virgin Islands!

Unlike most other communities, we have a full-time office and a full-time staff to look after not only the buildings, but also the spectacular plantings throughout the property and the spacious swimming pool overlooking Buck Island.

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Since this is the Caribbean, in 2009 we added something which is also unusual for communities on St. Croix -- 100% automatic backup power which covers everything, in every room (no special plugs or switches.) Then, in 2011, we also installed full-coverage Wi-Fi high speed Broadband for all owners and visitors.  (Digital Cable TV & DISH satellite TV are also available as options.) 2014 saw us "harden" our electrical system (and improve the views) by putting all of our electrical cables underground. In 2015 we completed re-paving all roads and parking areas.


In addition to all maintenance and day-to-day owner services, the Office handles such things as key control, rental of storage areas under the buildings, laundry facilities and our monthly newsletter.  (Mailboxes are just outside of the Administrative Office as well -- right next to the Salon.) We also have our own, self-contained water supply and treatment systems.

Another thing that makes Coakley Bay a great place (besides the absolute best views on St. Croix) are the two beaches.  One is right below us, and another (truly great one) that we look over is about a 6 minute walk (or 45 second drive.)  It is a favorite location for kite surfers and visiting sailboats. Then there is GOAT Soup and Whiskey-- a superb restaurant that overlooks the pool and the Caribbean and the evening dining offers both a first class restaurant and an informal bar area.

Coakley Bay Condominiums have been around for quite a while -- sturdy buildings which withstood the full force of Hurricanes Hugo and Maria.  (The roofs didn’t fare as well back in 1989, but were replaced with a low-profile, high wind-resistance design which completely withstood Hurricane Maria in 2017.  Also after Hugo, retractable metal shutters were added over all exposed front windows and balcony doors.)

Along with the huge balconies in the front of each condo which overlook the Caribbean (called ‘galleries’ here) residents also enjoy full maintenance of all outside areas, doors, front shutters and structures -- as well as structural insurance coverage, included broadband wi-fi and supplied water at no charge.  And, naturally, we have Rules to assure privacy, quiet enjoyment and a safe, fun experience.

Come, Relax -- Stay a Week or Forever !!!

Some people stay year-round...others come just for a few months in the Winter...and some pop down when they have the time.  With the advent of things like digital cable, gourmet restaurants, DISH TV, high speed internet and larger shopping centers mid-Island -- St. Croix’s small-town, hidden charm has added a new dimension of convenience -- creating a unique environment. 

At Coakley Bay, we’re just 15 minutes out of town -- far enough away to enjoy the serene beauty, but still just a stone’s throw from two golf courses, two marinas, numerous beaches, the Marine Park and a lot of really good restaurants.  We feel we have the best of both worlds. 

Whether you’re visiting, renting, looking for a special vacation home or moving to paradise, we’d love to have you join us at Coakley Bay!




Full-coverage High Speed Wi-Fi

100% Automatic Backup Power

Full-time Staff




(340) 773-9600




5000 Estate Coakley Bay, Christiansted, VI 00820-4598


General Manager,
Andrea Moeckel


Office Manager,
Kyshama Montes


For Fine Food Overlooking the Sea--try the modern fare of GOAT Soup and Whiskey Restaurant

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